CyberPatriots & Career Investigations


Career Investigations

The career development process is unique to every person and evolves throughout one's life. Students will use decision-making and problem-solving skills for college and career planning. Students will explore valid, reliable educational and career information to learn more about themselves and their interests and abilities. Students integrate skills from academic subjects, information technology, and interpersonal communication to make informed decisions. This course is designed to guide students through the process of investigation and in the development of a college and career achievement plan. Students will use interest inventory software or other tools to explore areas of personal interest. Students will use this information to explore educational requirements for a variety of chosen career paths. Districts have the flexibility of offering career exploration knowledge and skills in a variety of instructional arrangements.

Cyber Patriots

Comal ISD offers an elective called CyberPatriots is a National Youth Cyber Education Program. CyberPatriot was conceived by the Air Force Association (AFA) to inspire students toward careers in cyber security or other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s (STEM) disciplines critical to our nations future.

Contact Information:

Ronda Stonecipher

Mountain Valley Middle School

1165 Sattler Road

Canyon Lake, TX 78132

(830)221-2993 (New Braunfels)

(830)609-6294 (San Antonio)

(830)885-1300 (GVTC)


(830)885-1301 (Fax)

*The Air Force Association’s spelling of the program name CyberPatriot has no space between the words cyber patriot and capitalizes the words CyberPatriot.